Message thread:
CSCfan - Just 5 more days guys....:D (n/t) 14-Oct-2017 10:48:57
Yrisea - Speculation for the content... 15-Oct-2017 18:30:28
dave - I hope not. (n/t) 15-Oct-2017 19:22:56
robin - Agree Dave just want them to perform on their own. (n/t) 16-Oct-2017 00:28:13
CSCfan - If that were to happen, that would be amazing! Looking back to the BBC Radio 2 Xmas gig, Live In Dublin... 15-Oct-2017 19:35:39
Yrisea - I would love an orchestra set up too !... 15-Oct-2017 21:54:45
Chanh - Don't think that there will be an orchester, as there were no signs 15-Oct-2017 22:39:06
Yrisea - I'm pretty we haven't see the whole extent of their rehearsal...a few sneak peek 15-Oct-2017 22:50:49
MentariS - Amen to that!!! (n/t) 16-Oct-2017 00:40:35

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