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nexi_exi17 - Exclusive: The Corrs First TV Appearance (Mystery of You) 18-Oct-2017 11:23:46
Yrisea - Miguel...thank you, from a long time fan, from the bottom of my heart! 18-Oct-2017 11:27:10
dave - Thanks so much Miguel and the RTE team. We've waited 26 years for this, 18-Oct-2017 11:29:09
SteveW - Thank you thank you thank you thank you! It is a dream to finally hear this! (n/t) 18-Oct-2017 11:31:08
dave - Little Corrs...ain't they cute.. 18-Oct-2017 11:43:01
MentariS - Oh they're adorable alright...and to think not much has really changed in 26 years :-p (n/t) 18-Oct-2017 11:49:50
Yrisea - those baby faces...they are so cute! As you said, they did not change very much really :-) (n/t) 18-Oct-2017 12:24:19
sergio - When I first heard them in 1996 I fell for their music coz did not know anything about their look 18-Oct-2017 15:14:21
SteveW - They did stop the "Addicted to Love"-style swaying, which was a good move (n/t) 18-Oct-2017 15:23:14
MentariS - LOL, I second this (n/t) 18-Oct-2017 15:27:08
MentariS - Thank you very much, Miguel. You are our hero for the day and I reckon you deserve the FOTM honour anytime soon! 18-Oct-2017 11:47:40
Terry - Definitely more than Fan of one about 26 years ;-)). Thank a lot for the hard work. Finally!! (n/t) 18-Oct-2017 14:15:27
RichardY - I second the recommendation for Miguel for FOTM for this great work - it's about time someone took over from me!! (n/t) 18-Oct-2017 14:52:25
Corranga - Great job Miguel, it's a beautiful song that I'm glad we can all talk about now :) (n/t) 18-Oct-2017 11:48:19
sergio - Fascinating in every aspect, thank you Miguel! You really made my day!! (n/t) 18-Oct-2017 12:20:58
Baxterianism - Miguel, Could you please drop me an email or message me via Facebook please ;) 18-Oct-2017 12:23:23
CSCfan - You're our hero Miguel....thank you!! What a joy to be able to hear and see this finally... (n/t) 18-Oct-2017 13:07:09
Corranga - I was just looking through an old chat with you Miguel, when you first told me you were trying to get this from 18-Oct-2017 13:29:35
corrazy_rach - Wow what a find! Well done!!! (n/t) 18-Oct-2017 13:48:08
RichardY - Thanks so much for this Miguel and to everyone at RTE - this is fantastic!! (n/t) 18-Oct-2017 14:49:26
Leslie - Muchas Gracias! (n/t) 18-Oct-2017 17:32:00
nexi_exi17 - Aww, thank you so much guys! You are so nice! 18-Oct-2017 17:56:29
M-Corr - Thank you Miguel ! (n/t) 18-Oct-2017 20:50:34
Leslie - This couldn't be more adorable! Love Andrea's 80s sway; Sharon's singing w/the bow on her shoulder; Caro on piano! 18-Oct-2017 23:34:01
Wendy - Thanks Miguel! It's beautiful! 18-Oct-2017 23:47:21
shyart - Thank you! What a great surprise for today! (n/t) 19-Oct-2017 02:16:09
Robin - Brilliant, thanks so much Miguel. You must have spent a massive amount of time to get this for us all. (n/t) 19-Oct-2017 17:08:06
moonbeams - Thank you!! 19-Oct-2017 21:54:59
BallerinaTay - Finally! What a beautiful song! 20-Oct-2017 03:04:21
nightcat - Thanks Miguel for your efforts in the name of Corr fandom! It's a beautiful song, now I wanna hear this live! 04-May-2018 03:24:55

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