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dave - This is how crazy it can all get - outside the BBC... 21-Oct-2017 11:55:42
Corranga - Some familiar faces in there. It was a great show, I'm glad I was listening on the radio and not part of 21-Oct-2017 12:03:17
Chanh - I was there and the real fans were not the problem. 21-Oct-2017 12:34:57
Corranga - Yes, I've seen it before, when someone pulls out a pile of 20+ things to be signed, and of corrs they are so nice that 21-Oct-2017 13:24:58
dave - There is a well known fan in that vid that I've had words with too, in Spain he pulled 21-Oct-2017 15:13:11
den - To be honest ive witnessed this kind of thing in London before and it's off-putting. These autogyraph hunters 21-Oct-2017 19:41:23
dave - It was one of the reasons I didn't bother going there Den as I knew what it was going to be like. 21-Oct-2017 21:19:12
carameleyedcorr - Now I live in London, I have considered perhaps venturing down to a studio when the band are doing promo.... 21-Oct-2017 22:03:17
lopiko - I live in Dublin, and when they appeared in the Late Late Show 21-Oct-2017 22:59:36
den - I agree (n/t) 21-Oct-2017 23:37:48
dave - London and New York are the 2 worst places I've experienced this. Many of those autograph hunters 22-Oct-2017 10:17:59
carameleyedcorr - I seriously never even knew that was a thing! 22-Oct-2017 14:04:16
KingRichard76 - Vultures 22-Oct-2017 21:57:28

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