Message thread:
mikeyCF - where is the promo for jupiter calling apart from the RAH show&chris evans? 25-Oct-2017 12:51:04
dave - Usually in the week of release. (n/t) 25-Oct-2017 13:30:18
Corranga - I don't think we're going to see a huge amount of promo, they will be making there money from the gigs, not the album 25-Oct-2017 14:08:06
CorrMac - Not sure but it could still be half-term for some of their kids this week ... 25-Oct-2017 15:50:23
nabil - Based on the IG accounts, they are all off adventuring now - Sharon in Spain, Caroline in Venice etc. (n/t) 25-Oct-2017 16:05:34
Nick - They probably have a week or two off after the RAH concert, and then come back to London to start promo (n/t) 25-Oct-2017 19:38:38

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