Message thread:
nabil - After listening to higher-quality versions of the RAH performance of the new Jupiter Calling tracks ... 25-Oct-2017 15:08:59
SteveW - Excited about the new songs 25-Oct-2017 17:25:32
SeanCorrain - I have been excited for this new sound ever since learning Tbone Burnett was involved 25-Oct-2017 18:53:35
dave - Not personally convinced yet that Burnett was the right producer for The Corrs, 26-Oct-2017 08:56:40
nabil - I hear you Dave 26-Oct-2017 12:45:41
dave - Interesting that you too Nabil sense a 'muddy sound' in the lyrics, maybe its the use of 2 inch 26-Oct-2017 14:53:22
nabil - I think you might be right! It's funny isn't it how more advanced recording techniques 26-Oct-2017 20:17:37
dave - It will be interesting to compare the sound clarity of the CD against the vinyl, 26-Oct-2017 22:17:34
nabil - Sean, I love WL too! 26-Oct-2017 21:35:10
MentariS - I love WL for almost exactly the same reason, and one of the things that make The Corrs so appealing to me is... 27-Oct-2017 10:18:50

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