Message thread:
den - Sitting in a pub in South Wales listening to Runaway reminds me that it's week since we were at the RAH 😀 (n/t) 26-Oct-2017 19:17:08
dave - I was just thinking the same Den - 20 mins ago exactly a week back The Corrs came on stage. (n/t) 26-Oct-2017 19:46:03
Rooster28 - Such a great evening, still buzzing from it a week later (n/t) 26-Oct-2017 20:00:52
Alastair - I've only just recovered from the Mexican fan club afterparty! 26-Oct-2017 20:56:05
dave - Yep, Miguel hosted a great party there, brilliant evening all round ! (n/t) 26-Oct-2017 21:53:34
Corranga - I'm still listening to the audio on youtube a week later - this is a good sign :) (n/t) 27-Oct-2017 09:34:15
Terry - I'm listening to the RAH youtube-audio in the car nonstop on repeat :-)) 27-Oct-2017 21:12:16

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