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SteveW - question about 1998 RAH setlist 27-Oct-2017 11:00:31
dave - Not at the gig, but watched it as it was broadcast live on TV. I know there was a sound 27-Oct-2017 11:08:52
SteveW - The Corrs were not big in the UK before the original RAH gig, right? 27-Oct-2017 11:21:01
Corranga - I think it was my mistake / bad memory that has now created this falsehood. Sorry everyone! 27-Oct-2017 15:12:38
SteveW - I do think Moran's Return would make an amazing opener nonetheless! 27-Oct-2017 15:26:07
dave - The Corrs had moderate success in the UK in the 2 years before the '98 RAH 27-Oct-2017 16:00:54
commonwombat - Wasn't it John Giddings who sold the idea to the Beeb ? (n/t) 29-Oct-2017 14:30:00
dave - No - John Hughes. (n/t) 29-Oct-2017 14:46:16

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