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dave - Dilema - do I buythe UK release of JC in November, or wait a month and get the Japanese one 28-Oct-2017 11:18:02
CSCfan - I don't think the Japanese version will have an extra track (it didn't with WL), as none of the tracklists on... 28-Oct-2017 12:01:45
Nick - Lets help the album to make some impact on the UK charts (it will help to get more press atention, booking deals, etc) (n/t) 28-Oct-2017 14:55:51
mikeyCF - reply to nick 28-Oct-2017 14:58:34
Nick - for those of us outside the UK, could get an import from 28-Oct-2017 17:58:34
Corranga - I would imagine that having a hit album in the UK might well cement any decision to stick around the UK with regard to 30-Oct-2017 10:03:29
Klaus - I´m not sure, if the german tour 2016 for example 30-Oct-2017 12:02:31
SeanCorrain - I live in the USA, and I pre ordered mine through 30-Oct-2017 15:36:21
Nick - They could tour Europe anytime, with or without new music. But making some impact in the UK charts could bring... 30-Oct-2017 23:42:16
SteveW - Just pre-ordered my copy from 02-Nov-2017 10:38:32
Corranga - The price reduction would be the removal of UK VAT I presume (n/t) 03-Nov-2017 10:54:42
SteveW - Do listed prices usually include VAT? 03-Nov-2017 11:44:17
dave - Prices in UK always include our 20% VAT, so yes that could be reduction for overseas orders. (n/t) 03-Nov-2017 14:55:49

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