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Robin - RAH programme can be purchased online for £10. Go to then scroll down to 'visit our store' 03-Nov-2017 15:56:43
Corranga - Oh, I see they have added the new Jupiter Calling merch that appeared at RAH too. Link inside 03-Nov-2017 16:19:27
Corranga - Also, assuming the t-shirts are the same, it's worth noting that the dark blue Jupiter Calling logo tshirt 03-Nov-2017 16:23:09
MentariS - Thanks, Robin. Too bad they still don’t ship to Indonesia :-( 03-Nov-2017 17:04:47
Robin - What a shame, they seem to ship to just about everywhere else including Singapore and Malaysia, might be worth double 03-Nov-2017 19:49:27
dave - Thanks guys, just ordered mine. Didn't have time to visit the merchandise stand at RAH. (n/t) 03-Nov-2017 21:05:49
DutchDenise - Still in doubt which one to order ... lovely t-shirts (n/t) 03-Nov-2017 22:44:37
MentariS - Just emailed the store, hopefully they can add Indonesia to the list of countries they ship to... 04-Nov-2017 14:12:01
Robin - Thats great news Mentaris. Hope you manage to get it ok. (n/t) 04-Nov-2017 22:52:42
MentariS - Got a reply, not at all helpful (quite ridiculous in fact). Will have to find some other way. (n/t) 07-Nov-2017 12:36:13
airbusgore - Brilliant. That will cure my Monday Morning Blues and being unable to attend the show. (n/t) 05-Nov-2017 17:00:18
SeanCorrain - Sold Out :( 06-Nov-2017 15:37:02
Jerry - My RAH programme was shipped last week 21-Nov-2017 20:43:48

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