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CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - two weeks later and I still can't stop listening to the Band's cover of One Day Like This 04-Nov-2017 11:45:32
GaelleF - Same here, it's really fab ! Even my husband said they should record it and/or play it more often (n/t) 04-Nov-2017 11:57:33
dave - So far I've been more inspired by that Elbow cover and the release of the full Mystery of You 04-Nov-2017 12:52:25
GaelleF - Geez Dave, you read my mind ! (n/t) 05-Nov-2017 09:31:33
Leslie - I’m with y’all on these 2 songs. Love them both. (n/t) 05-Nov-2017 20:44:56
MentariS - I agree, and it’s such a delight that Caroline’s vocals are prominent in this song (n/t) 04-Nov-2017 15:00:55
dave - To my mind, Caroline has the strongest voice of all 3 girls and she seems to enjoy 05-Nov-2017 11:57:16
SteveW - tin whistle part in One Day Like This 04-Nov-2017 16:02:35
Wendy - Reposting my answer to the tin whistle question here... 05-Nov-2017 07:46:05
SteveW - more tin whistle questions 05-Nov-2017 10:24:00
Wendy - You're right, it IS confusing! 05-Nov-2017 13:23:21
SteveW - Thanks for the detailed explanation on whistles, Wendy. This is all very confusing! (n/t) 06-Nov-2017 01:16:56
cedic - An interesting read, thanks 06-Nov-2017 06:52:32
Wendy - "The cheaper, the better" - ah, I didn't know this! 08-Nov-2017 23:05:13
LindaJ - same for me.. I luv this! ;O) 04-Nov-2017 21:16:57
Wendy - I was impressed by One Day Like this too! 05-Nov-2017 07:50:34
dave - Andrea said in interviews many years ago that she had never had singing lessons. (n/t) 05-Nov-2017 09:26:03
SteveW - young Andrea's singing 05-Nov-2017 09:29:40
dave - Interesting observation Steve. Perhaps her interest in dramatics at school and the 05-Nov-2017 11:53:00
cedic - Agreed re Andrea's singing 05-Nov-2017 14:06:28
Wendy - Good point that singing lessons may have changed her style 05-Nov-2017 23:27:35
SteveW - Wendy, the video of Black is the Color you linked to didn't work for me (got a "video not available" error 06-Nov-2017 01:09:26
Wendy - Yeah, it was just the song from Home. 08-Nov-2017 05:35:56
SteveW - I'll listen for it on the Home CD (n/t) 08-Nov-2017 11:20:32
Leslie - Love their performance of this song! Ive been playing it on repeat for a few days. Hope they play it again on tour (n/t) 05-Nov-2017 19:58:00
Jackie21 - I watched Elbow's live performances of this song on YT and The Corrs surely didnt disappoint! 07-Nov-2017 05:43:01

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