Message thread:
Luke - Jupiter Calling now on Spotify 10-Nov-2017 05:07:06
Corranga - Thanks Luke - Just to add - if you're not a member - spotify is free to use 10-Nov-2017 12:23:07
MentariS - Spotify plays do work towards chart performance, so I've been listening to JC on the platform (n/t) 10-Nov-2017 12:27:21
SteveW - Trying to figure out how to use Spotify... 10-Nov-2017 12:50:35
MentariS - Yeah, I’m afraid it’s because you live in the USA...unless you can somehow change the region on your profile 10-Nov-2017 13:42:31
Corranga - Steve - If you don't want to listen to ads, and are on a PC.... 10-Nov-2017 15:15:43
Taliesin - Thanks a lot!!! (n/t) 10-Nov-2017 17:22:08
SteveW - Thanks for the tips on Spotify, Mentari and Chris! (n/t) 10-Nov-2017 19:23:23
Nick - After you buy the CD, the best way to support the band is streaming the album on Spotify :) (n/t) 10-Nov-2017 12:56:35
SeanCorrain - Good to know ! 10-Nov-2017 16:42:50
itsdanikameya - you can try to change your spotify location via VPN :) (n/t) 11-Nov-2017 08:55:52

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