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HaNnAhCoRr - Would someone mind posting the CD/vinyl lyrics please? I would love to be able to see them properly :) (n/t) 11-Nov-2017 11:49:04
MentariS - Son of Solomon 11-Nov-2017 12:05:22
MentariS - Chasing Shadows 11-Nov-2017 12:06:42
LindaJ - Thanks for that.. ;O) ..I thought....... 12-Nov-2017 23:40:52
MentariS - No problem Linda 😊 (n/t) 13-Nov-2017 06:36:43
MentariS - Bulletproof Love 11-Nov-2017 12:07:41
MentariS - Road To Eden 11-Nov-2017 12:08:38
Steverino - Oahh! Earlier I tried to listen and write those lyrics. I got them so wrong it isn't funny. 14-Nov-2017 03:37:39
LindaJ - LoL ..I'm the same, Steve... ;O) ... 14-Nov-2017 23:48:21
MentariS - Butter Flutter 11-Nov-2017 12:09:29
Sergio - This song has the subtitle of "Love in a time of terror" if I make it out correctly 12-Nov-2017 18:44:29
MentariS - Could it be related to the line ‘2016 never felt so fragile’ considering last year’s terror attacks? 13-Nov-2017 06:36:12
sergio - yes, it might describe the ambiguous feelings of somebody deeply in love who wants intensely 13-Nov-2017 09:55:12
Chanh - The article of HotPress magazine mentioned that they were in France during the attack in Nice. 13-Nov-2017 09:55:58
SteveW - Where do you find the subtitle? Is it in the CD booklet? (n/t) 13-Nov-2017 10:14:14
Sergio - Yes, it is in the lyrics booklet of the CD (n/t) 13-Nov-2017 11:19:33
MentariS - SOS 11-Nov-2017 12:10:16
MentariS - Dear Life 11-Nov-2017 12:11:07
MentariS - No Go Baby 11-Nov-2017 12:11:49
MentariS - Hit My Ground Running 11-Nov-2017 12:12:38
MentariS - Live Before I Die 11-Nov-2017 12:13:31
MentariS - Season of Our Love 11-Nov-2017 12:14:55
MentariS - A Love Divine 11-Nov-2017 12:16:21
MentariS - The Sun and the Moon 11-Nov-2017 12:17:14
HaNnAhCoRr - Amazing, thank u!! (n/t) 11-Nov-2017 12:36:13
MentariS - No worries :-) (n/t) 11-Nov-2017 12:37:18
Leslie - Thanks for transcribing! (n/t) 13-Nov-2017 16:36:36
Leslie - I bet we could pick out which lyrics written by Andrea and which by Sharon. Wonder if any written by Caroline or Jim? (n/t) 13-Nov-2017 16:40:50

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