Message thread:
mikeyCF - disappointed in the chart position for jupiter calling 17-Nov-2017 17:42:30
dave - Not surprised, after initial sales raised it to #10 it was bound to slip back. 17-Nov-2017 19:24:13
mikeyCF - reply to dave 17-Nov-2017 21:08:47
dave - OK our opinions clearly differ Mike, we'll leave it at that. (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 22:20:42
evaprimananda - Sold 9,258 copies (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 20:51:22
mikeyCF - reply to sales figure 17-Nov-2017 21:04:15
Damon - This article even mentions the minimum promotion push... 17-Nov-2017 21:05:51
SeanCorrain - What do we do then ? 17-Nov-2017 21:08:39
Damon - There's only so much we can do without their management doing more... 17-Nov-2017 21:17:19
dave - As in all aspects of life, the market will decide - people buy what appeals to them. (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 22:23:44
GaelleF - But they need to know it's there in the first place ! (n/t) 17-Nov-2017 22:50:23
commonwombat - Much as some of us may wish it so; you cannot force the media to grant airtime or airplay, especially in their situation 18-Nov-2017 00:42:48
MentariS - Thank you, wombat :-) (n/t) 18-Nov-2017 06:41:43
dave - On the nail as usual wombat. The music industry is an 'industry' no matter how 18-Nov-2017 09:38:12
MentariS - "I'm certainly not crying into my beer over album sales figures... " Ditto Dave! (n/t) 18-Nov-2017 11:58:46
Nick - It is, indeed, a "low key" project for them. Something made out of pure passion for music, not expecting a chart topper. 18-Nov-2017 05:02:04

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