Message thread:
SteveW - random thoughts on JC 04-Dec-2017 06:38:20
cedic - Enjoyed your post, a good read 04-Dec-2017 22:29:02
SteveW - No Go Baby, Butter Flutter, etc. 07-Dec-2017 02:31:04
Wendy - How interesting that you didn't like Chasing Shadows! 06-Dec-2017 04:47:21
SteveW - I'd love to hear your thoughts, Wendy (and everyone else too!) 06-Dec-2017 07:28:58
Wendy - Okay, I'll write a post soon, as some of my thoughts have changed after listening to the album for a while... 07-Dec-2017 04:40:06
MentariS - Speaking of Chasing Shadows, I'm still surprised at how much I like it while I despise Love Me Better and... 08-Dec-2017 06:40:14
CorrMac - With respect to overdubs on the album, there must be some with drums/percussion ... 06-Dec-2017 17:55:06
SteveW - Good catch on the drum parts 07-Dec-2017 02:00:29

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