Message thread:
CSCfan - Sharon posted a selfie on Instagram with the tags promo Jupiter Calling.. So I guess.. 04-Dec-2017 08:39:08
MentariS - Also, Marie-Ann Hughes posted an IG story that says, “It’s gonna be a busy week!” with the hashtag #thecorrsworld 04-Dec-2017 10:03:37
CorrMac - New single maybe ...? (n/t) 04-Dec-2017 11:06:17
SteveW - If so, I hope it's Butter Flutter (n/t) 04-Dec-2017 11:20:54
MentariS - Jim said on his Instagram story that they will be on The Late Late Show tonight!! (n/t) 04-Dec-2017 11:25:16
SteveW - isn't the show on on Fridays? (n/t) 04-Dec-2017 11:56:27
MentariS - Wondering about that too, but he posted: “Hope you are all going to watch The Late Late Show tonight!” (n/t) 04-Dec-2017 12:02:47
SteveW - I don't see The Late Late Show listed on the RTE program schedule for today 04-Dec-2017 13:35:41
CSCfan - My guess is that they're recording an interview/performance for Friday's show.. :) (n/t) 05-Dec-2017 11:51:50
dave - What is his Instagram story - I can't find anything posted there. The last post 04-Dec-2017 19:07:50
Terry - It doesn't show on a computer Dave... 04-Dec-2017 20:53:03
MentariS - Marie-Ann Hughes posted a photo taken at the RTÉ Studio on her Instagram story with the hashtag #corrsworld 05-Dec-2017 09:41:35
cedic - Could be new single, or could be 04-Dec-2017 22:34:53
MentariS - She’s most definitely 27, I’m sure of that :-p (n/t) 05-Dec-2017 09:38:16

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