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Jerry - Corrs will perform on the Imelda May New Year’s Eve Special 06-Dec-2017 02:51:27
MentariS - What are the chances that they will be performing together with the Concert Orchestra? 😳🙏🏼 06-Dec-2017 08:07:25
dave - That's possibly why Jim posted on Monday about being at the RTE studios, 06-Dec-2017 10:48:00
CSCfan - They're at the RTE studios too either also for the special or for something else.. (n/t) 06-Dec-2017 13:53:47
MentariS - So it’s really been a busy week for them after all... (n/t) 06-Dec-2017 14:27:00
CSCfan - Yeah, but shrouded in mystery... and still no sign of part 2 of the EPK.... *sigh* (n/t) 06-Dec-2017 14:28:15
dave - Yeah...but don't we all enjoy a good mystery. We'll find out eventually what its all for. (n/t) 06-Dec-2017 15:19:40
CSCfan - The keyword is "good" Dave..;) 06-Dec-2017 15:54:40
MentariS - Large scale promo efforts might be a stretch, but given that they have a fairly busy schedule this week... 06-Dec-2017 16:52:32
dave - I really cannot understand this incesant demand for 24/7 coverage of everything the band does, 06-Dec-2017 19:45:40
eieio - ........totally agree, Dave, it seems to have become a bit obsessive. (n/t) 06-Dec-2017 21:29:56
Damon - Dave, I'm assuming your last post was deleted because it was rude 06-Dec-2017 21:55:39
MentariS - Dave, I was the one who deleted your previous post—simply because name-calling is not acceptable here... 07-Dec-2017 04:01:01
CSCfan - I wasn't specifically talking about *this* NYE appearance Dave, I was merely expressing my... 07-Dec-2017 13:10:22
MentariS - Here’s a photo of Caroline’s drum kit at the RTÉ Studio: 07-Dec-2017 04:18:00
SteveW - She has a new kick drum logo 07-Dec-2017 04:38:20
CSCfan - Looking good! And she got a new drumkit skin... Which colour is it? Dark blue (I'm a bit colorblind)? (n/t) 07-Dec-2017 13:13:42
SteveW - Hard to tell if it's black or a very dark blue (n/t) 07-Dec-2017 14:43:57
MentariS - Looks like dark green in this photo: 08-Dec-2017 08:07:30
CSCfan - Lol....all depends on the lighting... Wasn't it dark green too during the WL tour? (n/t) 08-Dec-2017 12:58:51
cedic - Spotted this on Instagram too 07-Dec-2017 20:56:20
Wendy - I like coming to this board because it's a place that I *can* obsess over the Corrs :) 07-Dec-2017 04:57:48
dave - Interesting replies - one thing however that seems to have been overlooked is 07-Dec-2017 09:30:30
SteveW - Social media updates 07-Dec-2017 11:21:26
MentariS - Thank you, Steve :-) (n/t) 07-Dec-2017 11:24:31

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