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dave - Its so easy... buying a gig ticket in France.. why is it such a hassle in UK ? 13-Dec-2017 18:53:14
den - Everything's difficult here! (n/t) 13-Dec-2017 21:22:47
dave - And supposedly 52% of our population think its brilliant Den and voted to cut ourselves off from Europe. 13-Dec-2017 22:08:58
den - I wasnt one of them Dave - it will make it more burocratic to go and see the Corrs in Europe! (n/t) 13-Dec-2017 23:26:07
Robin - After spending countless hours communicating with MP's minister for culture and other bodies i have now given 14-Dec-2017 09:56:07
airbusgore - Hopefully the Corrs will play Racecourses again next Summer. So much 14-Dec-2017 10:42:53
Terry - And it will probably also be more difficult to see the Corrs in the UK for us Europeans I fear.... 14-Dec-2017 17:55:40
Klaus - I do not think that the Brexit will change much for tourists 15-Dec-2017 16:18:31
dave - I hope you are correct Klaus, I visit mainland Europe throughout the year for concerts and holidays 16-Dec-2017 11:04:32
eieio - f Brexit does not make a visa mandatory for people entering G.B., it should. (n/t) 21-Dec-2017 23:14:15
dave - Why.. we never insisted on visas before UK joined the EEC in 1976. How are you going to stop 26-Dec-2017 09:22:53

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