Message thread:
SteveW - Last day to vote in the favorite songs survey 23-Dec-2017 00:25:59
Robin - Come on uk very disappointing that only a few fans have voted after all Steve's hard work. All sounds very tight 23-Dec-2017 01:36:41
SteveW - Only 4 votes separates #1 and #2. Also, only 1 vote separates #3 and #4. 23-Dec-2017 11:30:57
SteveW - Voting is now closed. I will post the results starting on Dec 26 24-Dec-2017 00:15:36
MentariS - Steve, thank you very much for the hard work 25-Dec-2017 05:39:18
SteveW - I actually didn't include any JC songs in my top 10 25-Dec-2017 06:24:55

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