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SteveW - Full voting results 30-Dec-2017 22:35:40
SteveW - Results by region 31-Dec-2017 03:29:51
SteveW - Demographics 31-Dec-2017 03:32:56
Sergio - What strikes me is how few votes we have from Ireland, their home country and another very 31-Dec-2017 11:49:23
SteveW - Sergio, you can see the results from the 7 pre-FNF fans in the 'Results by when you became a fan' post 01-Jan-2018 10:21:36
SteveW - Results by album 31-Dec-2017 04:21:07
SteveW - Results by age 31-Dec-2017 05:33:44
SteveW - Results by when you became a fan 31-Dec-2017 05:50:12
SteveW - Anything else you want to see? Let me know 31-Dec-2017 05:53:10
dave - The individual song positions are quite random from year to year, but what is very clear 31-Dec-2017 10:46:07
Robin - Firstly a massive thanks Steve for all your hard work and efforts in making this survey so enjoyable, great that 31-Dec-2017 16:57:22
SteveW - Comparing earlier vs later albums 01-Jan-2018 23:36:11
Corranga - Hi Steve - I can't fix it, there is a bug in the board code that prevents it at the moment, sorry :( (n/t) 31-Dec-2017 10:50:19
SteveW - Gainers and losers 01-Jan-2018 12:07:14
cedic - Interesting that SOS is the lowest of the Jupiter Calling songs 01-Jan-2018 21:23:22

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