Message thread:
dave - Seems we will be unable to watch/listen to Andrea on the Eamonn Mallie show tonight, 31-Jan-2018 10:54:30
SteveW - I don't know about watching it live, but this link for archived shows worked for me 31-Jan-2018 11:58:58
dave - No, doesn't work for me. It asks me to put in my postcode, then says 'page does not exist' (n/t) 31-Jan-2018 15:49:58
cedic - I can open that page, but none of the videos will play, they just timeout 31-Jan-2018 20:16:22
SteveW - I had to enter a postal code the first time I tried that page, but after that it's been working (n/t) 31-Jan-2018 20:51:02
Wendy - The video won't load for me either 01-Feb-2018 00:00:34
SteveW - Here's a link to the video 01-Feb-2018 02:03:45
Wendy - Thanks! It was pretty much all the same questions that we've heard before though. 01-Feb-2018 02:59:12
SteveW - Yeah, that was my reaction, too 01-Feb-2018 04:06:49
dave - Yep, nothing new. (n/t) 01-Feb-2018 12:18:49
dave - Actually the one thing that did come from it is... how crucially important Caroline is 01-Feb-2018 12:23:11
Wendy - Was she behind Home? I didn't know that. 01-Feb-2018 12:27:30
SteveW - Caroline and Home 01-Feb-2018 12:43:52
cmulas - Thanks Steve for the video. I hadn't seen the EPK from Home until now! I love that album. I didn't 01-Feb-2018 21:22:39
SteveW - Two things Andrea said that surprised me 01-Feb-2018 12:33:56
dave - Yes I was surprised by Answer 2 - I'd always thought live performances were important to her. (n/t) 01-Feb-2018 16:33:08
Corranga - I've always thought of her as an introvert,and never really thought being on stage was what she wanted 01-Feb-2018 16:52:36
cedic - Tangentially related to the point about Andrea and songwriting 01-Feb-2018 17:38:40
MentariS - There's not much that we haven't heard, but I like the way the questions were phrased 01-Feb-2018 14:57:17
CSCfan - Yeah I agree Mentari.... I would love to see an in-depth interview with Caroline. 02-Feb-2018 16:53:27
MentariS - Agreed, Mathias—especially considering that she’s the one who initiated the band’s comeback in the first place (n/t) 02-Feb-2018 17:34:14

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