Message thread:
SeanCorrain - Jupiter Calling US Release <3 16-Mar-2018 22:27:39
Ballerinatay - "Aye"!! I've been playing it on Spotify 16-Mar-2018 22:45:30
dave - Was there any media promo to announce this US release, or are they just hoping 16-Mar-2018 23:14:32
Ballerinatay - There was no promotion that I know of. 16-Mar-2018 23:34:14
SteveW - I heard Breathless in the grocery store today, but that was probably just a coincidence :-) 17-Mar-2018 05:40:18
dave - Interesting, the record companies here in UK normally list their forthcoming releases. (n/t) 17-Mar-2018 13:33:02
Ballerinatay - Went to two superstores and no sign of a physical disk copy of JC 18-Mar-2018 22:45:43

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