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Wendy - Performing The Corrs 12-Apr-2018 09:13:39
dave - Interesting that your Celtic music colleagues displayed a certain snobbery regarding 12-Apr-2018 11:28:06
SteveW - Musical snobbery 12-Apr-2018 11:57:09
Wendy - The Session website comments 12-Apr-2018 13:31:38
Wendy - Interesting, I didn't know Irish people were so divided about The Corrs. 12-Apr-2018 13:22:37
SteveW - Musical activities 12-Apr-2018 12:34:54
Wendy - Music activities 12-Apr-2018 14:55:19
Nick - Well, theyre music is not trad, is pop with some trad elements on it. Even most of the instrumentals... 12-Apr-2018 15:38:48
Wendy - Yes, but one can still play Toss the Feathers in a trad session 13-Apr-2018 01:57:13
SteveW - I agree, Nick! They play pop music influenced by Irish trad, and they're great at it 13-Apr-2018 02:29:58
SteveW - Wendy, thanks for the feedback! 13-Apr-2018 01:59:50
Wendy - Phew, I'm always worried about giving feedback to people! 13-Apr-2018 02:37:40
SteveW - Feedback 13-Apr-2018 21:17:36
Wendy - Thanks Steve! 16-Apr-2018 09:30:20

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