Message thread:
BallerinaTay - Harmony Fan Project 15-Jun-2018 23:05:37
Wendy - Yes, please still send your contributions! Not too late! (n/t) 16-Jun-2018 02:46:21
Wendy - Harmony collaboration: UPDATE! 16-Jun-2018 08:06:45
SteveW - Sounds great with vocals 16-Jun-2018 16:36:37
Wendy - Totally agree about reverb. 16-Jun-2018 23:35:03
Terry2 - Harmoneeee 19-Jun-2018 13:46:52
Wendy - Terry, what is your favourite cake? 21-Jun-2018 09:45:53
SteveW - I'd be up for doing another one, too 21-Jun-2018 11:12:09
BallerinaTay - You all are so nice! 21-Jun-2018 16:58:09
nightcat - There's already so few of us still active on this site which is why we gotta support one another. 😊 23-Jun-2018 14:19:13
SteveW - nightcat, your part sounded good! if anyone else would like to contribute backing vocals or anything else... 26-Jun-2018 08:21:47
nightcat - Awwww thanks Steve how kind of you! 26-Jun-2018 16:56:59
StPaddy - Is there anyplace we can hear what it sounds like with all the clubbers that have contributed so far? (n/t) 26-Jun-2018 19:50:26
GaelleF - I'd like to send my take (which you can feel free to discard, I'm not great really), where can I do it? (n/t) 29-Jun-2018 15:37:25
Wendy - That's great BallerinaTay! 27-Jun-2018 05:45:52
Terry2 - Mixing Cake 22-Jun-2018 23:01:55
Wendy - Cakes and mixing Corrs 27-Jun-2018 06:10:36
BallerinaTay - Wendy I sent my vocal tracks to the email you provided! The song sounds great so far! (n/t) 17-Jun-2018 22:17:34
Wendy - Got it, thanks BallerinaTay! I've just emailed you back. (n/t) 18-Jun-2018 04:45:00
nightcat - Just dropped by here Wendy to say that I got your email reply. Glad my track made the cut this time. 😀 19-Jun-2018 17:37:56
Wendy - Yes, thanks NightCat! (n/t) 21-Jun-2018 09:46:18
Robin - Sounds brilliant, can't wait to hear the finished product. You have all done a wonderful job, great vocals Wendy. (n/t) 28-Jun-2018 00:27:53
Wendy - Thanks Robin! (n/t) 04-Jul-2018 13:54:46

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