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dave - Caroline's daughter Georgina has done a great piece of artwork at school - go to 09-Jul-2018 19:32:31
Robin - Yes very talented indeed. We were at gig in Douai when Andrea announced the arrival of Georgina. How time flies. (n/t) 09-Jul-2018 23:48:40
MentariS - Gotta love proud mum moments like this :-) And yes, it's an excellent artwork indeed! 10-Jul-2018 06:03:56
dave - I like the reply from her school teacher to 'come and collect it' as its in the staff office.. LOL 10-Jul-2018 08:37:57
Robin - We might see her at Wimbledon in the future. (n/t) 10-Jul-2018 09:06:29
MentariS - As a tennis fan, I so would love to see this!! (n/t) 10-Jul-2018 09:13:50
MentariS - Haha yeah, I find that comment from Georgina's schoolteacher pretty amusing. (n/t) 10-Jul-2018 09:14:34
SteveW - Speaking of daughters, can you spot the Corrs connection in this article? 10-Jul-2018 09:37:28
MentariS - Yep, some of the styrofoams were decorated by Anto's daughter Regan. He posted a photo of the cups on IG some weeks ago. (n/t) 10-Jul-2018 10:14:51
SteveW - In addition to being a biologist, she does impressive scientific illustrations 10-Jul-2018 10:48:16
Corranga - Lovely artwork. The paper cups are a neat idea too, really cool. (n/t) 10-Jul-2018 14:23:10

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