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nexi_exi17 - Tomorrow Friday, Andrea & Caroline will perform for the Late Late Show 11-Oct-2018 17:03:44
CorrMac - Good news but ... 11-Oct-2018 21:32:38
MentariS - Thanks for the info Miguel, don’t think I’ll be able to watch it live so hopefully there’ll be a video uploaded (n/t) 12-Oct-2018 07:09:12
CorrMac - Link to Ryan Turbridy's Instagram post inside ... 12-Oct-2018 20:07:17
MentariS - Maybe it’s just her dress? :-) (n/t) 13-Oct-2018 11:54:08
CorrMac - Must have been that and/or the way she was standing! (n/t) 13-Oct-2018 21:26:19
SteveW - watch online 12-Oct-2018 22:10:20
CorrMac - Hope you're getting a better live stream than I am ... 12-Oct-2018 22:12:42
SteveW - I'm on a high-speed connection at work, and I keep getting dropouts too 12-Oct-2018 22:16:37
CorrMac - Last week's program was so I hope this one will be available by tomorrow :) (n/t) 12-Oct-2018 22:17:37
Nyoman - What an irish song! Really love the energy of it. 13-Oct-2018 00:07:22
SteveW - Did they play any Corrs songs, or just trad songs? 13-Oct-2018 00:16:43
Nyoman - They only did one collaboration (traditional irish song?) at the end of the show, no corr song though. 13-Oct-2018 00:23:15
SteveW - Andrea and Caroline on Late Late Show -- posted online 13-Oct-2018 07:28:37
CorrMac - Also available on Late Late Show YouTube channel, link inside :) 13-Oct-2018 11:37:53
MentariS - Thank you very much!!! (n/t) 13-Oct-2018 11:54:28
nightcat - I can always count on SteveW to post some things I don't notice till after the fact. 13-Oct-2018 12:12:30
dave - Well according to Andrea's Instagram pics - its Cloochy who makes her look great ! (n/t) 15-Oct-2018 08:55:27
Mark - Thank you Steve... really enjoyed that :) (n/t) 14-Oct-2018 00:24:24

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