Message thread:
MentariS - A little note addressed to Corrs fans posted on Andrea’s Instagram... 19-Oct-2018 13:39:24
corrsgirl1 - Great news!! I hope it includes some live performances since I'll be back in Europe :) 19-Oct-2018 14:42:17
nightcat - Yes at this point we'll take anything haha. 19-Oct-2018 15:19:41
BallerinaTay - Okay, that's pretty exciting news from a Corr themselves! I'm excited to see what they do! 19-Oct-2018 16:42:49
SteveW - Perhaps not coincidentally, today is the 1st anniversary of the RAH gig 19-Oct-2018 17:47:32
CSCfan - Thanks for posting! And so lovely she replied to you <3 It's a good sign, though I don't think.. 19-Oct-2018 20:29:55
dave - Well they do read various comments on this and other sites so I suppose Andrea 19-Oct-2018 21:45:00
nightcat - Wait, Andrea replied to Steve? Did this happen on Instagram or Twitter?? 20-Oct-2018 14:53:28
Chanh - No, she replied to Mentari. 20-Oct-2018 15:04:02
nightcat - Oh ok, thanks for clarifying it. Well if a Corr replied(again)to a social media post of mine I'd freak out and gethaha. 20-Oct-2018 15:15:59
MentariS - Trust me, I nearly dropped my phone when I received the notification :-) 20-Oct-2018 16:11:17
MentariS - Yeah, I’m more than glad she took the time to address my question—finally some closure after three years of wondering. 20-Oct-2018 16:12:34
nightcat - Mentari, what did you ask Andrea and what was her reply? 21-Oct-2018 07:26:33
MentariS - Screenshot inside 21-Oct-2018 08:50:15
nightcat - Thanks Mentari! I actually tried looking for her reply but failed so I decided to ask you 😅😂 21-Oct-2018 18:08:26

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