Message thread:
Robin - Had replacement hip yesterday and guess what they kindly put Corrs music on an iPad for me to listen to while I was 19-Oct-2018 10:26:53
dave - Speedy recovery Robin - its my knees that have given out so may ask you to keep me a spot ! 19-Oct-2018 12:24:10
Robin - Thanks Dave yes it will be easy to keep you a spot as I will be at front so quick!!!! 19-Oct-2018 13:01:20
nightcat - Have a great recovery Robin! it's always nice to hear Corrs music in public. 19-Oct-2018 15:14:34
RichardY - Hope everything went well Robin and I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery. 20-Oct-2018 12:54:39
MentariS - Speedy recovery, Robin! 22-Oct-2018 08:45:56
CorrMac - Yes, get well soon Robin :) 23-Oct-2018 22:10:52
Robin - Thanks everyone for your good wishes, much appreciated. 24-Oct-2018 00:04:32
SteveW - Hope you'll soon be racing to the front row of a nearby Corrs gig, Robin 24-Oct-2018 09:34:06
Corranga - As with the others, I wish you a speedy recovery Robin. I don't think there will be much rushing to the front of Sharon 26-Oct-2018 08:58:39
den - Get well soon Robin you will soon be running for that front spot again! 26-Oct-2018 12:30:14

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