Message thread:
SteveW - Summer Sunshine question 09-Dec-2018 03:54:53
Mark - There's only so much you can do with 3 chords... :) 11-Dec-2018 20:22:38
CSCfan - That's what makes you beautiful [Mark]....;) 12-Dec-2018 15:53:37
Mark - *blushing* 12-Dec-2018 17:29:30
CorrMac - There are strong similarities with part of "Unconditional" from White Light with ... 12-Dec-2018 19:42:04
SteveW - Similar songs 16-Dec-2018 03:42:33
CSCfan - "Unconditional" also sounds similar to Taylor Swift's "Style.. :) 17-Dec-2018 19:44:26
SteveW - I wasn't familiar with that Taylor Swift song (which is rather catchy), but yes, very similar 18-Dec-2018 14:03:38
Corrpulent - If someone were to use the guitar riff from Satisfaction I think they’d be in trouble… 12-Dec-2018 18:33:03
SteveW - The Stones' own Jumpin Jack Flash is kind of an homage to the guitar riff from Satisfaction... 12-Dec-2018 18:56:30
Nick - Its also similar to Asia's "Heat of The Moment" and Video Killed the Radio Star. I think its on purpouse, an homage to.. 14-Dec-2018 16:42:07

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