Message thread:
corrsfan01 - Hi there 11-Jan-2019 08:30:59
dave - Search disfrutalos corrs on Google, they are also very active on Facebook. 11-Jan-2019 19:34:14
corrsfan01 - thanks dave. 11-Jan-2019 22:58:16
dave - Maybe they are just on Facebook nowadays - the old style fansites are disappearing 12-Jan-2019 11:01:31
AB_CLOSER - mp3 Concerts 12-Jan-2019 18:34:22
Corranga - I thought I'd add that, sharing of bootlegs PROVIDING THERE IS NO official way to purchase, here, is ok. 16-Jan-2019 09:24:24
DrFunkenstein - Check PM 24-Jan-2019 12:24:16

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