Message thread:
nightcat - I've been meaning to ask this: is the fanbase called HardCorrFans or CorrsCrowd?.. 17-Feb-2019 17:20:49
dave - As far as I know we just call ourselves Corrsclubbers here, the others you mention 17-Feb-2019 20:05:39
Corranga - I'm not sure we've ever really had a name as such, perhaps due to nothing ever being 18-Feb-2019 12:49:39
nightcat - Thanks for the replies guys 😅 19-Feb-2019 06:47:05
Terry2 - The name of the fan. 19-Feb-2019 14:05:03
Corranga - Terry is right, I forgot about those. Photo is still on the merch website, though they are sold out 19-Feb-2019 18:07:22

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