Message thread:
Eduardo - Bring on the night (Original Demo Version) 23-Feb-2019 23:53:54
SeanCorrain - Link ? 24-Feb-2019 02:00:02
Eduardo - I could, but I'm not sure it's allowed to do it here. But you can find a link on reddit. 24-Feb-2019 11:33:55
CorrMac - I'd love to know how to find that link ... not getting anywhere atm 24-Feb-2019 15:16:24
Corranga - That's an amazing find. Nice quality too. I wish they'd release these sort of things as a bonus CD or something.. 24-Feb-2019 13:51:08
corrsgirl1 - Given that it's not a commercial release it should be fine to share it right? 24-Feb-2019 20:03:55
Corranga - I agree, clickable link in here 24-Feb-2019 20:27:38
dave - So much nicer than the final 'polished' version - I always prefer my music 'in the raw' 25-Feb-2019 08:35:10
Corranga - Absolutely. I said it would be nice if they released these, Fleetwood Mac released demos of songs from Rumours on a 2nd 25-Feb-2019 12:42:56
corrsgirl1 - The 2nd verse always sounded cut short to me...and now we know it was. 24-Feb-2019 20:07:40
Corranga - ...and I agree with this too! It feels so much more natural, like an album version over a single version for instance... 24-Feb-2019 20:28:41
Eduardo - By the way, what does she sing before "friends like you and me"? 24-Feb-2019 20:36:48
corrsgirl1 - Sounds like " the broken one still here" 25-Feb-2019 20:38:34
MentariS - I'm a bit late to the party, but thank you so much for sharing this gem!!! 26-Feb-2019 05:23:21
Leslie - Love this. Thanks for sharing. Wish they'd release more demos. 26-Feb-2019 15:47:43
Eduardo - The person also shared a TV Instrumental 27-Feb-2019 20:08:51
SteveW - Really interesting to hear these versions; thanks for sharing 04-Mar-2019 11:13:47

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