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SteveW - brief clip of Sharon rehearsing Cooley's Reel posted by Vonda Shepard 05-Mar-2019 15:29:36
dave - Not as good as Milton Keynes the previous night. Problem with London is the ludicrous 06-Mar-2019 14:47:31
SteveW - Can you (or anyone else who was there) tell us more about the gig? 06-Mar-2019 18:30:36
dave - OK Steve, they started the gigs with both girls coming onstage, Vonda at grand piano 06-Mar-2019 19:19:06
den - Steve I posted this on my facebook page and it gives a flavour of what it was like on Monday in Milton Keynes..... 06-Mar-2019 22:14:04
SteveW - Dave and Den, thanks for the excellent recaps 08-Mar-2019 13:52:38
dave - Sharon said much of the preparation work had been done on I think FaceTime 08-Mar-2019 14:09:20
CSCfan - Very likely by reading the music ;) 08-Mar-2019 14:17:13
Corranga - There is a video on YouTube from Union Chapel that's around an hour long. 08-Mar-2019 18:16:47
den - Intresting to hear Dave. I thought Lomdon was a capital city open for business lol 06-Mar-2019 16:19:19

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