Message thread:
Eduardo - White Light (Demo Version) 02-Apr-2019 12:12:53
Eduardo - Forgot the clickable link 02-Apr-2019 12:14:10
SteveW - This is really interesting to hear; thanks for posting it 02-Apr-2019 12:33:03
dave - I much prefer these 'demo singles' to the versions that make it onto their albums. (n/t) 02-Apr-2019 14:19:22
Wendy - Sharon singing Goodbye in demo version 06-Apr-2019 12:50:00
Leslie - Oh my goodness, what a find! I've never heard Sharon’s demo of Goodbye before. (n/t) 08-Apr-2019 16:22:03
sergio - fantastic, thanks for posting. I love the violin part and the more organic touch (n/t) 03-Apr-2019 19:12:02
nightcat - The link doesn't work for me now, is it posted somewhere else already? 05-Apr-2019 05:57:54
Wendy - Is this it? 06-Apr-2019 11:42:27
Wendy - I like the opening of this more than the released version 06-Apr-2019 12:59:53
Corranga - Is the Sharon version of Goodbye the same on that was on iTunes (I think) and was on a promo CD? (n/t) 15-Apr-2019 11:23:24
SteveW - I think it's the version on the 2006 remix of Goodbye 15-Apr-2019 11:43:13
MentariS - I much prefer this demo version to the one that made it to the album 15-Apr-2019 09:09:23
Wendy - I also prefer Sharon's demo of Goodbye - it's softer and more vulnerable 19-Apr-2019 05:24:59

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