Message thread:
SteveW - Long Night -- instructions 27-Apr-2019 04:26:31
Wendy - Happy to let someone else play tin whistle if they want! 27-Apr-2019 06:49:48
nightcat - I'm willing to chip in my average but workable backing vocal for this but I'm gonna need a guide first 27-Apr-2019 07:16:19
SteveW - nightcat, could you go ahead and send me an email anyway? Thanks! (n/t) 28-Apr-2019 02:32:31
nightcat - I don't think I remember your email SteveW, mind sending it to me via Twitter? (n/t) 28-Apr-2019 10:27:28
Corranga - Email sent. Dropbox, or perhaps even google drive can be used to share larger files if needed 27-Apr-2019 20:19:52
SteveW - Give it your best shot, no pressure :-) 28-Apr-2019 02:34:06
SteveW - Long Night guide track 28-Apr-2019 10:17:16
SteveW - Tricky rhythm in Long Night 30-Apr-2019 00:15:31

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