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CorrMac - The Corrs to tour Ireland, UK and USA next year?! 20-Jul-2019 09:21:35
CorrMac - Working link inside this time, hopefully ... 20-Jul-2019 09:22:55
Corranga - Well, by my theory, Jim hasn’t gone silent on social media yet but then he is a Trump supporter 20-Jul-2019 09:39:48
CorrMac - Ken Sweeney seems sure his source is good 20-Jul-2019 09:58:09
Arikorr - Ken Sweeney sent a similar message to me as well... 22-Jul-2019 19:30:33
SteveW - This would be great if true, obviously... 20-Jul-2019 10:21:56
dave - The Irish Sun are reporting it too - band insider quite probably Mr Hughes, he likes 20-Jul-2019 11:08:35
CorrMac - Dave, that will be because Ken Sweeney is their Showbiz Editor ... 20-Jul-2019 11:26:40
MentariS - *looks at savings* 20-Jul-2019 12:08:02
Den - Race course gigs wre good and affordable ticket prices I dont think I'm interested in doing arenas again. 20-Jul-2019 19:24:58
chris1957 - Tour 20-Jul-2019 21:29:18
corrsgirl1 - I really would love it to be true, but I am a bit confused why they would tour the us 20-Jul-2019 22:20:50
MentariS - I’d definitely take Asia over the US if I were them ;-) 21-Jul-2019 01:41:23
SteveW - I also found the part about touring the US to be odd 21-Jul-2019 04:28:11
nightcat - I'm just gonna say this: I'll believe this rumor if and when I see it happening! 21-Jul-2019 09:22:36
nightcat - well in any case, I have to start looking for a new part-time job.... (fangirling can be pricey sometimes 😅) 21-Jul-2019 09:27:16
dave - RTE are reporting this story now as well, using the same source. There has been no denial 21-Jul-2019 16:33:26
Corranga - To be clear, so far there has only been 1 source for this. Some sort of confirmation would be nice 21-Jul-2019 19:53:24
dave - Don't make me laugh Chris - when have The Corrs ever confirmed or denied anything. 21-Jul-2019 19:55:55
Corranga - Agreed. I live in hope that their new found love of social media will lead to more than the usual wall of nothing! 22-Jul-2019 15:33:01
SeanCorrain - I think the band knows they have fans in the US who have only had like two tours to ever see them. 20-Aug-2019 07:15:11
SteveW - Does anyone remember how we learned about the 2015 comeback and Hyde Park gig? 21-Jul-2019 23:33:48
damon - Ken Sweeney, the man reporting on this rumour, broke the news of the 2015 reunion... 22-Jul-2019 00:51:43
SteveW - What next? 22-Jul-2019 10:06:22
CSCfan - Lovely news [if true]! Wonder if it'll coincide with a new album or they're "just" doing a GH tour... 22-Jul-2019 10:27:51
Klaus - I can´t imagine 22-Jul-2019 11:43:51
SteveW - What does GH mean? 22-Jul-2019 12:05:07
Mrrob69uk - GH 22-Jul-2019 12:17:05
SteveW - Thanks! I was thinking GH was a place... 22-Jul-2019 14:13:45
CorrMac - The obvious would be for a "Jupiter Calling" tour ... 22-Jul-2019 14:14:47
Corranga - I think nowadays, a band doesn't need a reason to tour. 22-Jul-2019 15:38:12
CSCfan - That's true Chris.... but I reckon it would be harder to sell for the band if they're only doing 'greatest hits' tours.. 22-Jul-2019 16:43:35
Nick - I think The Corrs, like most of 80s n 90s bands, has become a nostalgia act, and most seats will be filled by general.. 22-Jul-2019 20:07:55
dave - Yes, as I've said before, The Corrs could become their own tribute band or a pastiche of themselves. 22-Jul-2019 21:22:59
Corranga - Yes, I think they are actually more likely to sell tickets for a greatest hits / TOC anniversary tour than for new music 23-Jul-2019 09:46:23
CSCfan - Yes your last sentence is kinda what I meant Chris. They can do only so much GH tours with their backcatalogue.. 23-Jul-2019 15:12:11
SeanCorrain - LOVE Garbage, saw them (finally) last fall. For the V 2.0 20th anniv tour. 20-Aug-2019 07:17:39
CSCfan - I'm kinda baffled that so many outlets took over the news without there being an actual official source.. 24-Jul-2019 14:49:22
MentariS - Lazy journalism on the rise unfortunately. So much that the decent ones working in the field get a bad rep too *SIGHS* 25-Jul-2019 01:33:07
Corranga - I see this a lot in Motorsport (which I am a big fan of) where there are a few very good journalists 25-Jul-2019 13:00:27

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