Message thread:
DrFunkenstein - Just pondering one option about a possible 2020 tour...what if... 02-Aug-2019 13:24:35
Corranga - I've been to more than my fair share of Sharon solo gigs, and the financial queestion is one 02-Aug-2019 15:55:41
DrFunkenstein - My thoughts were purely about a possible US tour; clearly Ireland, UK, and Europe are a much better market for them. 02-Aug-2019 18:34:47
SteveW - Tour finances 03-Aug-2019 09:53:23
CSCfan - Did you guys know there were definately plans to do a global tour for 'White Light'? 03-Aug-2019 08:55:31
SteveW - Wow! Can't wait to hear more about this 03-Aug-2019 09:35:40
nightcat - Hmmm the plot thickens....*grabs popcorn* 04-Aug-2019 14:04:25
MentariS - Allow me to share that popcorn... 05-Aug-2019 03:39:40
nightcat - Oh why yes you're welcome to share *sends popcorn over* 05-Aug-2019 17:15:33

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