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SteveW - Long Night video and trivia questions 06-Aug-2019 03:48:26
MentariS - For question No. 1, are we talking about the dolly zoom? 06-Aug-2019 12:25:13
SteveW - Yes, dolly zoom! (rolling the camera back while zooming in, or vice-versa) 06-Aug-2019 13:10:08
MentariS - Good catch as always Steve, I didn't notice the similarities before 06-Aug-2019 13:58:26
SteveW - Another Hitchcock connection in the Long Night video 06-Aug-2019 14:13:01
SteveW - Long Night trivia question answer 09-Aug-2019 08:23:59
johnj - This video is much better. 11-Aug-2019 03:40:48
johnj - Oops: try this! 11-Aug-2019 03:57:10
SteveW - Love the Wetten Dass promo video of Long Night 15-Aug-2019 13:22:19
johnj - Hi SteveW. The effect at 2:36 is probable done with chroma key, also known as 11-Aug-2019 04:28:30
SteveW - Long Night video effect 15-Aug-2019 23:54:29
dave - Wasn't Long Night (or Una Noche) the video where Andrea wasn't there ? 16-Aug-2019 16:34:26
AB_CLOSER - One night - Una noche 16-Aug-2019 17:24:56
dave - Thanks, I was pretty sure it was one of those two. 16-Aug-2019 19:27:01

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