Message thread:
SeanCorrain - The Bridge (2005 ?) 20-Aug-2019 20:27:26
Arikorr - The Bridge 20-Aug-2019 21:56:45
CorrMac - It's recently been posted on YouTube (link inside) 21-Aug-2019 13:23:51
dave - Interesting, I've got a copy somewhere - direct from Richard Raymond when it 21-Aug-2019 19:56:41
Den - I was there too Dave. I remember you asked Andrea a question at the Q&A afterwards. (n/t) 23-Aug-2019 20:22:39
SteveW - Just watched The Bridge 22-Aug-2019 10:15:15
MentariS - Steve, you should see Pictures if it's available on iTunes Store in your region 22-Aug-2019 11:51:23
Corranga - I don't tink it was ever officially released. I also have the DVD< which I got directly from Richard Raymond, though 23-Aug-2019 15:16:13

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