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rmssw - As a US fan, I’m desperately hoping the rumors are true. 13-Sep-2019 03:01:43
dave - There are lots of areas that would like to see them again, SE Asia, Australia & NZ.. etc. 13-Sep-2019 08:46:04
rmssw - It’s definitely frustrating being a fan. They’ve never been great at public relations 13-Sep-2019 15:01:57
Wendy - I feel like the Corrs are just making music for themselves now 14-Sep-2019 01:20:15
Corranga - I think its a bit harsh to say they dont care what fans think 14-Sep-2019 22:48:39
Wendy - Poor choice of wording on my behalf... 22-Sep-2019 01:55:02
MentariS - I have to agree with you, Wendy 27-Sep-2019 10:26:56
Corranga - They may not be a name on everyones lips but Ireland isn't that big a place. 14-Sep-2019 22:52:33
Wendy - Do Americans think the rest of the world is unsafe? 14-Sep-2019 01:16:17
Corranga - This is an interesting question. I don't know the answer, but the perception that the media gives of America 17-Sep-2019 08:52:36
eieio - Key words............"in the press". 17-Sep-2019 15:21:57
Corranga - I think you’ve misread my post somewhere. I was simply posting what I see as the beginning of a discussion 17-Sep-2019 21:48:26
eieio - This is how you start a "discussion"? 28-Sep-2019 15:21:31
Wendy - It's not a competition :) 18-Sep-2019 05:57:41
eieio - Discussing social and political topics.................... 10-Oct-2019 15:35:14
Corranga - If you are unhappy with me referring to members of the US government administration sheep, I will remove it 13-Oct-2019 18:37:14
eieio - I'm not unhappy about anything............ 16-Oct-2019 14:23:40
Corranga - Safety 16-Oct-2019 19:47:12

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