Message thread:
Jerry - Amazon just told me that Andrea's book will arrive on October 17. 26-Sep-2019 04:19:48
Wendy - Not long to go now! 26-Sep-2019 07:43:14
MentariS - October 30 for me (with me being in Asia and all), but the audiobook will be available on October 17 27-Sep-2019 10:17:11
Jerry - Amazon now tells me December 2 07-Oct-2019 19:24:45
Corranga - There is another used one on eBay as of today 07-Oct-2019 23:03:16
Arikorr - Is it still for sale?? Can’t find it anywhere... 08-Oct-2019 13:57:46
Corranga - I can’t see it, or the completed item now 09-Oct-2019 14:52:16
GaelleF - Ordered from Amazon France and they say it will come around November 5th ! Geez... Two weeks to cross the Channel... 12-Oct-2019 20:54:06
SteveW - It takes time to swim all the way over 13-Oct-2019 02:14:59
Jerry - I ordered one from Amazon UK, which they shipped today. 16-Oct-2019 22:17:43

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