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Corranga - Barefoot Pilgrimage - WARNING Spoilers here thread 01-Oct-2019 18:49:19
SteveW - I didn't realize the book is out already! 01-Oct-2019 18:56:06
Mrrob69uk - But how... 02-Oct-2019 08:26:06
Corranga - I'll admit I wasn't really paying attention to the release date, I knew it was in October. I'd love to say I have my 02-Oct-2019 19:15:15
Damon - Here’s a sample of the audio book... 02-Oct-2019 10:19:28
Wendy - That audiobook sample was... 02-Oct-2019 13:55:32
nightcat - The sample broke my heart quite a bit *crying eyes* 02-Oct-2019 15:04:49
Corranga - The sample is from... 02-Oct-2019 19:12:36
MentariS - Thank you for sharing! The excerpt is so beautiful in a heartbreaking way... 03-Oct-2019 08:45:25
Corranga - It is intense but also sometimes light 03-Oct-2019 20:10:25
sergio - I have also started to read and based on the suggestions of many of you, I listen to the audiobook along 29-Oct-2019 10:38:09
Mrrob69uk - When will 04-Oct-2019 12:43:23
Corranga - Good question. Id have thought waiting until its put would make sone sense mind. Unlike music 05-Oct-2019 13:13:16
Wendy - Any more book updates? 10-Oct-2019 12:26:15
Corranga - I wasnt sure if I should keep posting things so close to release... 13-Oct-2019 18:17:14
Wendy - Thanks! I wonder how Jim came to have such different views to the girls. 13-Oct-2019 22:48:21
SteveW - Andrea was asked about this in an interview... 14-Oct-2019 02:55:52
Wendy - I remember that too... 14-Oct-2019 04:01:37
SteveW - Yes, I think it was The Meaning of Life with Gay Byrne 14-Oct-2019 04:36:34
MentariS - I think he did write it himself, Steve. The lyrics certainly... 14-Oct-2019 05:11:58
SteveW - You're right, Andrea left out "Scientology" in the Tokyo gig 14-Oct-2019 06:39:10
MentariS - I haven't watched the Gay Byrne interview in years, but I do remember... 14-Oct-2019 05:13:02
sergio - I have just finished her book and the audio and the last chapters about her family and the entire 10-Nov-2019 19:40:57

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