Message thread:
MentariS - Andrea to do some book signing at Dubray Books Grafton St, Dublin this Saturday (Oct 19): 14-Oct-2019 17:55:21
Corranga - Shame its in Dublin, would have loved to have a copy signed in person. 14-Oct-2019 20:29:15
MentariS - It’s still closer to you than it is to me at the moment Chris 😂 15-Oct-2019 01:02:16
Wendy - If I board a flight on Thursday, I should make it in time ;) 15-Oct-2019 11:28:37
Corranga - haha, yes it is, and now I feel a little guilty for not making the effort. Only a little mind :D 16-Oct-2019 19:10:32
Corrsgirl1 - I checked for cheap tickets to Dublin cause I'd love to go but I couldn't find anything affordable unfortunately... 17-Oct-2019 13:16:38
dave - When I think of all the crazy Dublin trips I did in the past, just because they were Corrs related. 17-Oct-2019 17:19:48
MentariS - You can also order a signed copy here: 15-Oct-2019 01:01:31

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