Message thread:
MentariS - Andrea to appear on The Late Late Show this Friday: 17-Oct-2019 18:07:11
SteveW - She's supposedly going to discuss whether a tour will happen in 2020 (n/t) 17-Oct-2019 22:56:17
Mrrob69uk - Really? 18-Oct-2019 08:05:22
SteveW - Saw it on Instagram, no idea how reliable it is 18-Oct-2019 09:01:08
Mrrob69uk - Exciting! 18-Oct-2019 09:18:45
MentariS - Interesting... (n/t) 18-Oct-2019 09:35:09
SteveW - Tour in 2020? 18-Oct-2019 10:50:39
dave - The Late Late is a live show with audience, been there a few times in the past, 18-Oct-2019 11:02:08
CorrMac - Just watched the interview with Andrea on the Late Late Show. 18-Oct-2019 22:31:15
MentariS - Andrea’s segment has just finished and there was no mention of the rumoured tour at all (n/t) 18-Oct-2019 22:31:31
Corranga - No surprises there. If it was happening, we would know by now (n/t) 18-Oct-2019 22:35:58
MentariS - Here’s an excerpt from her segment last night: 19-Oct-2019 10:16:54
MentariS - Her interview was very well received apparently, according to this article: 20-Oct-2019 14:15:11

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