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MentariS - In case anyone's interested I wrote a post about my reaction to Andrea's memoir on my blog: 19-Oct-2019 08:12:29
Wendy - I could relate to a lot of that... 19-Oct-2019 09:40:40
nightcat - While I can't relate to the miscarriages part, I can certainly relate to dark days and fear of losing loved ones. 19-Oct-2019 16:03:28
MentariS - Yes, her honesty is refreshing and those who've supported her (especially Brett) are admirable 20-Oct-2019 14:03:32
MentariS - Yeah, I was unsure if I had to write about it either but I decided to go ahead anyway and it was very difficult. 20-Oct-2019 14:02:46
SteveW - Thanks for the thoughtful review/reaction post -- I enjoyed reading it 19-Oct-2019 16:09:17
MentariS - Thanks for reading Steve :-) 20-Oct-2019 14:11:01
Corranga - Beautiful read, and of course, similar to my own feelings as I read (just captured in a better way than I could manage!) 26-Oct-2019 18:42:17
MentariS - Thanks for your kind words Chris! Interesting to see plenty of people relating to what I felt :-) 27-Oct-2019 04:33:02

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