Message thread:
SteveW - The RAH gig was two years ago today 19-Oct-2019 11:12:51
Klaus - Yes, that is true., and i liked the RAH a lot better than the WL gigs in London and Frankfurt. 19-Oct-2019 14:14:17
nightcat - I was away when this concert happened so bless the internet for letting me watch videos of the band on RAH 2017. 19-Oct-2019 16:05:48
CorrMac - I think you're forgetting that Sharon joined in on the intro about half-way through ... 19-Oct-2019 16:38:07
SteveW - RAH Intro 28-Oct-2019 03:31:08
Corranga - Fingers crossed, next year will see some more activity. Andrea's book is excellent, but it's not music :) 26-Oct-2019 17:49:00

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