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MentariS - Am currently in Malaysia for a GAA tournament and Runaway was among the songs played in between matches today :-) 09-Nov-2019 08:48:44
SteveW - What's GAA? Is it like rugby? (n/t) 09-Nov-2019 09:26:47
dave - There are two main GAA sports, Hurling and Football. Hurling is like a vicious Hockey 10-Nov-2019 11:52:32
dave - I should also have explained that the GAA was set up at the time of Irish independence 10-Nov-2019 11:59:03
SteveW - Thanks for the explanation of GAA sports. I'd never heard of cammogie and skittles (n/t) 11-Nov-2019 02:05:44
MentariS - Yes, and GAA clubs overseas are often the best way for Irish expats to socialise with their countrymen 15-Nov-2019 09:13:26
dave - Ireland may be a small country, but due to our prodigious birth rate - we are everywhere on the planet ! (n/t) 15-Nov-2019 19:46:12

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