Message thread:
Wendy - Andrea on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show 27-Nov-2019 15:20:49
dave - From all the recent interviews, that is the best so far - I wonder where we can hear it all ? 27-Nov-2019 16:14:29
Wendy - I looked for the whole interview (even just audio) but alas, couldn't find it! 28-Nov-2019 00:21:49
Chanh - Maybe try this link. Only audio. Haven't herad it yet. 28-Nov-2019 11:22:33
SteveW - Thanks, that link worked for me. Andrea is in the 7:30-8:00 section 28-Nov-2019 12:16:41
CorrMac - You beat me to it!! 28-Nov-2019 12:19:56
SteveW - Yes, but your post was actually correct :-) 28-Nov-2019 12:27:12
SteveW - Sorry, the 7:30 section has some Corrs songs but not the actual interview with Andrea 28-Nov-2019 12:21:32
CorrMac - Thanks for that - if you follow that link and select '8:30 - 9' Andrea is on from around 7:50mins 28-Nov-2019 12:19:20
Wendy - That worked! It carried on into the next segment too. 28-Nov-2019 13:33:30

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