Message thread:
M-Corr - A few PICTURES of ANDREA from Sunday 1st Dec… 03-Dec-2019 01:45:17
SteveW - Great to see this, thanks for posting 03-Dec-2019 03:49:07
Wendy - Thanks for posting! She has a beautiful coat. I love seeing The Corrs' fashion choices! 03-Dec-2019 10:29:49
Corranga - Incredible, what a wonderful event. 03-Dec-2019 21:04:04
SteveW - a couple of articles on the Light Up a Life event 04-Dec-2019 03:35:24
nightcat - Thanks for sharing the links! Lovely event and Andrea's presence sure is a bonus 04-Dec-2019 08:47:48
MentariS - Thank you for sharing. Great photos and looks like it was such a beautiful event. 04-Dec-2019 13:07:49

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