Message thread:
Den - Dowloaded Andreas audio book onto my phone.... 19-Dec-2019 21:36:16
Corranga - It's a lovely read, for us longer term fans, it almost feels like we are being dragged along with her 21-Dec-2019 13:18:30
Wendy - Does Andrea talk about the making of the music at all? 23-Dec-2019 14:00:26
CSCfan - She does. 23-Dec-2019 20:12:26
Wendy - Oh, that's really sad. 24-Dec-2019 08:51:24
Robin - Yes i thought that too Wendy. Actually she was only about eight miles from where i live. 24-Dec-2019 16:09:05
SteveW - Just got Andrea's book for Christmas 25-Dec-2019 07:07:30
Klaus - I‘ve just finished reading Barefoot Pilgrimage. 01-Jan-2020 15:52:31

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