Message thread:
AB_CLOSER - Happy Xmas. Andrea Corr and a galaxy of stars share their festive season with you ( 23-Dec-2019 17:25:21
MentariS - Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all CorrsClubbers! Hope you all are having a good one :-) 25-Dec-2019 11:31:29
Steverino - A very Merry Christmas, Corr fans! 25-Dec-2019 16:38:40
SteveW - Welcome back, Steverino -- hope we'll hear more from you in 2020! :-) 26-Dec-2019 02:19:45
Steverino - Thank you, kind sir! :-) 28-Dec-2019 02:58:40
Wendy - Seasons Greetings Corrs Clubbers! 27-Dec-2019 10:03:55
nightcat - Belated Merry Christmas CorrsClubbers! Hope this week has been good for all of you 28-Dec-2019 06:28:32

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